Genevieve Wallis Studio

Our team provides a full-service approach to the design process, from conceptualisation, to the design and selection of architectural finishes; furnishing, art and object selection; and finally, procurement and installation.

Each project is responsive to our clients’ individual needs. Through knowledge, experience, communication and strong relationships, we strive to make the build and renovation process a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

Genevieve Wallis is an interior design and styling studio based in Ballarat, Victoria. Our studio realises personalised and curated residential and hospitality projects, working with our clients to achieve beautifully cohesive and functional spaces reflective of our clients, who they are and how they live. 

Stemming from a deep love of fashion and textiles, our Director, Genevieve, holds an innate eye for design. Her authenticity and hard-working nature emanate from a deep understanding of the spaces in which we belong and how they affect our personalities and daily lives. More than a decade spent working within fashion and lifestyle media trained Genevieve to quickly and accurately identify a trend, a skill she has carried over to interior design; enabling Genevieve and her team of highly trained creatives to weave visions into timeless, layered and cohesive spaces.


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1.   Briefing, Design and Presentation

The initial briefing meeting provides the foundation for the project to come. Based on the clients’ needs and goals, we create a personalised concept detailing the overall direction of your project. We meet with your trades and through detailed client consultation, we ensure all parties are on board the agreed design direction.

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2.   Design and Develop

This phase turns our shared vision into the reality of your new space – we select every required finish, fitting, fixtures and furnishing and present to you through a detailed materials board and 3D visualisations.

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3.   Document, Procure and Install

Working closely with your trades and stakeholders, we provide thorough construction documentation to effectively communicate all selections and architectural details. All required materials and furnishings are ordered on behalf of the client. At the conclusion of the build, all furnishings, art and objects are installed to complete your new space.